Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching Up

Previously, I've been pretty committed to posting here once or twice a week, but you may have noticed that I've slowed down recently.  Nick's new schedule and our heightened urgency to finish and sell the house have left us without any time.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with family, but unfortunately 
caught a cold from one side of the family and a flu from the other.  This left us pretty miserable for a while.  Just when we were starting to get out again, a snow storm set in that was the worst since 1891, or so the weatherman said.  Homebound again.  My dad picked us up for some Christmas festivities in his 4x truck (but not without difficulties) and we made it to the Rushton party too.  Along the way, we got another cold.  Rigby seems to take colds very hard and gets soooo miserable.  I have resolved to be more careful in the future.  Now that we are healthy again, Nick's truck has broken down and is out being fixed, so he takes my van and the family is again homebound.

I had some pictures taken right around Rigby's birthday in October that I never posted, so here they are.  My favorite photographer was no longer at the studio (sad), but I have tracked her down to another studio (yeah).  These pics are OK, but I'll be glad to be back in Keirsti's capable camera next time.