Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I wish I had been able to get this pic with a real camera, not a cheap phone.

Today is my 2nd due-date. We had a little miscommunication at the dr office, so we weren't really sure if it was the 22nd or the 26th. And here we are at the 26th. And my belly is still growing.

I was having the most excruciating pains of my life a couple of nights ago. They came on with contractions, but were a separate pain and lasted longer. I went to the dr the next day, and she thinks that the baby is facing the wrong direction. Her head is down (thank goodness!), but she is facing forward instead of toward my back. Contractions then push her into my pelvic bone, which is a bit loose due to the pregnancy, and causes the pain. Babies facing this way cause what is called "back labor". At this visit, my dr asked, "You generally do epidurals, right?" Yup. Then she said, a bit quieter, "Good!" When these pains hit, I really want my epidural already. Fortunately, I had them for two nights in a row, but haven't had them now for a couple days.

I am hoping strongly for an August baby, so that I can put her in the earlier school year (if she's ready, of course). My dr is not available for inductions until Sept 3rd...

So there's the update. I hope to post baby pictures soon. You'll be the first (OK, almost) to know!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Conversation with Bethelle

I just picked up Bethelle from a church activity. When I dropped her off, Rigby had been with us. As we left the parking lot, she asked where Rigby was.

Me: "He's home with Daddy. After we dropped you off, Rigby and I went grocery shopping. Then I went home to put them in the fridge and left Rigby with Daddy."

... a few minutes ...

Bethelle: "So Rigby's asleep in the fridge?"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ballet Recital

Bethelle and her cousin, Joee, had their first ballet recital last week.
They danced to a song about an octopus and one about swimming, hence the swim caps and goggles. It was adorable. Bethelle did very well, following the teacher and doing all of the dances while some others just stood still. I was so proud of her. Below, she is the one in pink and black.
Rigby wanted so badly to dance with the girls, but he was still a good boy when I told him that is was just for the big kids. When watching the show, though, he copied the dance, and I think he even did it very well! I believe that is first position in this picture.
One more shot of Bethelle, after the second production. Good job, Princess!

*** I have posted a lot today in an effort to catch-up. Keep reading!

Baby Shower

My Young Women group threw me a shower a little bit ago. I had thought I would decline any offers for this kind of thing. After all, it's a rough economy and I've already had a girl. But when it came from my girls (and they wouldn't let me refuse), I went along with it.

Here I am playing the "rice game". You try to pick out safety pins from a bowl of rice with a blindfold on. It was much harder than I had thought it would be.
These are the cute little bootie-cupcakes the girls made. Adorable!
And here I am with all the gifts.
Thanks so much, everyone. I had thought that I didn't need this, but it was so nice to remember that this is not about pregnancy (which doesn't seem to suit me very well), but about a baby. Thank you for that reminder. It all seems so real now!

Cooling Down

Our favorite family cool-down spot is the Purdy Spit. The Puget Sound stays pretty cold year-round, so when it's really hot out, this is the place to be. Bethelle even got a picture in the local Kitsap County newspaper as she chilled in the water.
Rigby has learned to love to swim, so keep your eye on him in the water. He can be fearless! Good thing he can trust his Daddy so much.
Afterwards, cousins Joee and Rushy came over to play. Nick set up a waterslide in the backyard and had everybody squealing.

102 in the Shade

We had a very hot week around Seattle recently. I am one of the lucky few around here who have air conditioning in our home, so I was able to stay fairly comfortable.

In the midst of it all, I had a fun little weekend planned on Anderson Island with my Miamaid class (14-15 year-old girls I teach at church). We chose the perfect weekend for lake swimming! The water was just right and the heat made you get in.

This picture, apparently, has something to do with High School Musical. I am out of the loop on that.
Here are the girls in the matching PJ pants we made the week before. It might be 1 am in this shot.
And here is my souvenir from the trip. It's been a couple weeks now, and the bruise is still there.


(You can click on the pic above to see it bigger. Maybe too big.)

Nick's had a couple work-related golf tournaments lately, so he took the kids out to practice chipping and putting and he gave Bethelle a couple pointers.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bethelle's Intended

This morning, she climbed into my bed and said, "I think I know who I'm going to marry.

"After this baby, we're going to have another boy baby. I think I'll marry him.

"If I have time."