Thursday, October 15, 2009

Was It Yesterday This Morning?

Trying to finish, list, and sell our house has been a huge endeavor. When we finally got to the selling phase, all we could really do was wait and pray.

So that's what we've been doing. A lot of waiting and a lot of praying.

Rewind to Labor Day weekend. Nick felt inspired that if we built a particular section of fence along our property line, we would get on offer on our house by Rigby's birthday. Nick got right to work, and the fence was done the following day.

Last week we had our first unexpected showing. The house was less OCD than I like. I was very stressed about the toys on the floor and the unmade beds. I could do nothing about it. But the people liked it! A few days later they scheduled our first second showing. I got to redeem myself. The house was perfect, the lawn was mowed, and there were fresh-baked cookies on the table (and their scent in the air!).

This morning we received and accepted their offer! We are so excited!

Rigby's birthday was yesterday, so my only question is:

Somewhere in the world, was it still yesterday this morning?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch with Grandma

Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch. I would have thought that implied a pumpkin garden. Oh well... at least it was covered... it was raining pretty hard outside.

They had a hay bale maze that the kids loved. OK, Bethelle loved it. Rigby walked all through it, but he never smiled. He just followed.
Here's Curie in the maze with Grandma. No fair being carried, Curie! You can see the end of the maze!
Our cousin, Joee, was there...
And her brother, Rushy.
Rigby doing "hay angels"...
And Bethelle posing as a scarecrow.
I have recently felt like I have more cute pictures of Bethelle than Rigby, so I followed him around for a while. I got one!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rigby is Two!

We do birthdays in groups around here. Curie, Nick, and Rigby are within a month and a half of each other. Bethelle's is a month after mine.

Rigby's birthday is October 14th, but we had a family party last night. This little guy is all about race cars (and trucks, buses, airplanes, helicopters...).
And this is how much cake is left for me to eat. OK, there's a little less of it left now... Please come over if you like cake. Save me from myself.
I have made several posts today. Keep reading...

First Day of Preschool

I didn't bring a camera to the actual locale (c'mon... I have three kids to tow in and out of the car), but I did get some pics day-of. Here's my school-girl:
And here she is with the brother who wanted in on the picture fun:
And with little sister:
Don't they look like twins in this picture? Except that Bethelle has my green skin. Curie gets her healthy pinkness from Daddy.

One of the Best Moments in My Life

The green-skinned momma and her little pink baby:
Grandpa got to enjoy it too...
And just two more cute ones.

Nick's Big Three-Oh

This post is long overdue.
Nick turned 30 on September 11th... a full month ago. I realized that my baby would only be a couple weeks old, so when would a surprise party be more surprising? It totally worked. He had no idea.
We had the little soiree at Round Table Pizza. The picture above is Bethelle's present to her daddy. She did a beautiful painting entitled, "Balloons and Decorations". Fun was had by all.