Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seeking Parental Advice

Bethelle is taking swimming lessons.  Sort of.

I do my part: pay, drive, dress her, shower her, walk her to the pool, watch.

She does not do her part.  She sits on the edge, acting like she's scared of the water, until it's free time when the class goes to the part of the pool where there's a slide and they can just splash and have fun.  She's suddenly fearless.

This is not fear of the water.  This is manipulation.  I am perfectly willing to quit swimming lessons, but I don't think she will learn the lesson.  She wants to skip the work and just have fun.  I have a few other thoughts (no conclusions) on what to do, but I want to know what my readers think.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Personal Blogress

I am currently the Miamaid Advisor in my ward.  This means that at church, I teach the young women ages 14-15.  They are preparing for camp this summer with the rest of the young women (ages 12-17) from the stake (the nearest 6 congregations).  As part of camp, the girls are asked to complete some of their Personal Progress.  This is a program designed to help the girls learn more about the "Young Women Values" which are faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, and integrity.

I won't be able to attend much of camp, but I am planning to do the Personal Progress program with the girls.  Who couldn't stand to learn a little more about those values?  I have created a blog to document my progress.  Feel free to check it out and follow along with me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


That's what Grandma calls them... and they're here.
Well, one is. Rigby was fussy today and then wouldn't take his second nap. I'm glad to know he had an excuse.

I realize that many of my readers probably don't really care, but since this is also my family journal, you will be subjected to a few of this type of post. I'll try to keep them brief.
5/26 update: he now has 3 teeth poking through! All are on the right side.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Midnight with my man... Indy

Last night, or should I say, this morning... Nick, his parents, his brothers, and I went on a Mayan expedition with none other than the famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones. We tucked the kids in bed at Grandpa Jackson's and went to the 12:01 show.

You are probably thinking that we are crazy for taking on such skulduggery, but there we were, until the wee hours of the morning. The movie was good, great, but not excellent. When you decide a show is worth seeing at such a crazy hour, you really set yourself up for disappointment if it's not the greatest thing since Casablanca.  

Nick was so excited all day. He had butterflies at noon just thinking about it. He asked me which of his 2 movie T-shirts he should wear. We settled on the black Star Wars shirt. He was looking good. Needless to say, he had high expectations. He hoped it would be the best of the series.

Unfortunately, he was a bit disappointed. This movie was far different from the first three (according to his expertise). Had someone told him it was a funnier/sillier/sci-fi-ier Indy flick, he would have appreciated it better. Overall, I recommend it. Enjoy the ride, but go at 9pm.

We were all home and tucked in bed by a healthy 4:30am. The kids woke up at their usual 7:30. It is now 9pm. What am I doing at the computer?

{Excuse quality - picture was taken with camera phone}

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Rigby Time

I feel like most of my posts are about Bethelle. Rigby has recently begun to distinguish himself in the family. I think I'll just relate a little about him.

He is only 7 months, but I feel like he's well on his way to performing back hand springs. He is so strong and physical. He cannot yet get himself from laying to sitting, but he crawls up to a stool, coffee table, or anything else he can find, reaches up to it over his head, and does pull-ups, grunting all the way, trying to stand. If the table is at just the right height, he does stand, dragging his feet behind him. He will NOT hold still for diaper changes without deception on my part. On his changing table, he rolls over, gets in push-up position, and puts one foot high up in the air. Try this pose yourself. Holding it is a decent work-out. Changing and wiping a baby in this position is even harder.

Rigby likes to get into things. I cannot ever recall Bethelle trying to wiggle out of my arms because she was interested in something that she saw. That girl always wanted to be held. If I put her down, she would cry until I picked her back up. She never really played with toys much except in my lap. Rigby grunts all around the house doing his pull-ups, push-ups, and crunches. He plays with toys and flips through magazines. He does want to be put down often to make his investigations. This is a relief and a pleasure to me.

He says "da da" and I even think he knows of whom he is speaking. He also recognizes a few signs, all food related. The little guy has a huge mouth. We picked up on this even in the hospital when he was born. I think you can see it in a few of the pictures I posted last week. He generally keeps it open. It makes for the greatest smile!

He's a great baby. I can't really think of the last time he cried. He is generally good even for strangers.

Above all, my little man loves his mommy. Seeing me for the first time in a while, he makes this face like all his hopes and dreams have suddenly come true. I love it.

Book Report

I just finished reading Jane Eyre. OK, I just finished listening to Jane Eyre. How else does a mother read? You cannot hold a book and do the dishes at the same time. I am impressed by a couple of thoughts.

Jane is a strong character. Despite her destitute circumstances from birth, she has an inner sense of self-worth. This sense does not lead her to feel deserving and sorry for herself as much as it makes her motivated to achieve and to reprove those who misuse her.

One other character surprised me. I've seen a couple versions of the movie, and St. John Rivers has always seemed simply kind and well intentioned. I did not like him in the book, although Jane always repects him. He is a clergyman who, I believe, uses his "clergy power" in unrighteous dominion. He tells Jane that she must marry him and be his missionary-wife, or she'll burn with the sinners. He "knows" what is best for her, when she has had no hint of personal revelation that this is to be her course. To my dismay, Jane falls for this for a while. There is just one fleeting thought of despotism. It seems inconsistent with her character.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo Shoot

I just took the kiddies in for their portraits - Bethelle's 3 year and Rigby's 6 month.  There were sooooo many good ones.  What a struggle it is to have cute kids!  I'm sure I should be more modest and humble, but I can't help thinking that they are adorable.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're the big 5. Both of us. At the same time.

Nick and I celebrated our fifth anniversary yesterday.  Not only do we have the same anniversary (no shock there), we seemed to have everything else in common that evening.

We had a nice dinner at The Ram on Ruston Way (let me just take a moment to gripe that because of this street, no locals ever spell my last name correctly).  Nick and I chose, independently, the same item from the menu for dinner.  This was followed by a last minute scramble for a second choice, as we like to sample each other's meals anyway.

Dinner was followed by some shopping and ice cream from Baskin Robbins, where we were again beset with the problem of having chosen the same ice cream - two scoops in a cup: york and fudge brownie.

Next was the movie rental selection.  Enchanted.  This was Nick's choice and would have been mine except I would not have subjected him to it.

It seems that in only five years we have managed to become old married foagies.

How in the world do you spell foagies anyway?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Extra Better and Super Perfect

Bethelle says "actually" a lot.  I wondered where a 3 year-old picked up the use of this word, until I listened to myself speak.  Her cousin, at nearly the same age, would say, "mmm... tasty."  Her mother wondered where that came from.  We assured her that it came from her, the mother.

As my friends, I'm asking those of you who read this if I really say, "extra better" and/or "super perfect".  Where does she come up with these?  I know "oops-a-daisy" came from her grandma, but I'm hoping against hope that I am not the cause of the title of this blog.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Toddler Math

Yesterday, Bethelle played a simple computer game that counts her points as she scores goals.  At 10 points, you win the game.  Bethelle was up to 8 points and said, "Look Mom, I just need two more and I can win!"  That's subtraction.  She may not know that she was doing it, but I was so proud.

Rigby is scheduled for eye surgery at the end of the month.  I am apprehensive, but grateful for a cure to his crossed-eyes.  The dr says that his inner eye muscles (both eyes) are too tight, so they will detach them from the eye and attach them farther back.

Rigby is also learning a bit about crawling.  He's no expert, but the little man can get around.  He now sits up fairly well and is eating baby food.  Just don't give him blueberries.  What a funny thing to be picky about.