Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Her Father the Hero

Bethelle really loves her daddy.

This winter has been particularly snowy.  I have told Bethelle during the couple of times that we found ourselves driving in it that I really can't talk to her because the snow makes the roads slippery and we could end up in the bushes.  Later, she asked what would happen if the car "jumped" into the bushes.  I told her that we would be stuck, but that Daddy would come save us.

Fast forward a bit.  Bethelle wanted me to tell her a story.  I started in with Red Riding Hood, realizing that I had never told it to her before.  When I got to the end, the wolf ate Red and I skipped very quickly to the woodchopper coming to get Red and her grandma out.

The next night, Nick put her to bed.  She told him about the story where she got eaten by a wolf and then Daddy came to rescue her and grandma.  She was very excited about it.  I thought it was so cute that she saw the whole thing so personally and that Daddy was the big hero.

Recently, Nick was out of town on business.  Every night Bethelle repeated prayers before bed, but got a little hung up when I would have her saw, "Bless Daddy to be safe."  She would look up and say, "Mom, Daddy is always safe.  We don't have to say that."  I told her that it's a good idea to pray for him anyway.  Finally one night she insisted, "Mommy, he's always safe.  You know, with his sword and everything."

Her world is so beautiful.