Monday, July 27, 2009

A Good Day

And what made is such a good day?
My favorite salsa showed up at Costco after an absense of what seems like two years, at least! Seriously, RUN to Costco if you like salsa.

It's says that it's medium, but I think it should be called mild.

Also... This may not mean a lot to most of you, but my Mom will be proud of me. I just got caught up labeling and dating pictures. This means that in the last week, I have labeled over two years worth of pictures. Hmmm... does this mean that I only label pictures when properly salsa'd? Coincidence? Keep the pureed tomatoes coming, just in case.

And one more piece of surprising but great news: in the last three weeks, I actually LOST a pound! I am 36 weeks pregnant. I thought I was ballooning. Maybe I won't get much bigger in the next month. A girl can dream...

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Couple More Chelan Photos

This is my handsome guy, who enjoyed A LOT of wake boarding and kneeboarding on our trip. He got really good at it and is ready to learn some flips and tricks.
And this is my island princess.
I took this just now. You can only see the remnants of the original bruise and the black eyes that ensued, but better late than never.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Night at the Mariners

Nick and I went on a little date last night to a Mariners game. Apparently, Nick "knows a guy" (I've been married to him for six years. How come I don't know this guy?) who could get us amazing seats and bracelets allowing us to hang out outside the locker rooms with the players' families as we waited for them to come out. It could only have been better if the Ms had won. Nick got a new hat (pic'd above).

This really might be the last time we get out like this, as by the end of the evening I was having contractions four minutes apart. I can hear my OB now, telling me to slow down and just rest. Maybe I'll start taking that advice. Right after the trip to the zoo that I've been promising Bethelle...

Vacation at Lake Chelan

The family spent all of last week at Lake Chelan. By "the family" I mean Nick and the kids, my brothers (except Blair, who moved from NY to NC that week), their wives, and the cousins. In all I think we had 15 people. We had a great townhome in Manson with a fabulous location for walking to everything and had such a great time.

Here's the happy couple who made the whole thing possible.

Nick and the kids in the pool at the townhome. Bethelle kept almost exclusively to the steps, but Rigby learned to L.O.V.E. swimming with Daddy. He jumped in to him about a thousand times and had no problem with going under.

This is Bethelle bowling. I have decided that Bethelle and vacation don't mix. I need to pack a good first-aid kit and know where the nearest hospital is whenever I take her places. Her first airplane trip was to Arizona, where she broke her arm and chipped her teeth. I won't even bother to post here her many injuries in Texas last May; that will require its own post. In Chelan, she went bowling with some cousins and her grandparents. Attempting to carry her ball over a small ledge to the bowling lane, she tripped and landed with her forehead smacking right onto her ball. My mom called and Nick went to go get her. Meanwhile, she finished up her game, so you'd think she was fine. When he brought her back to the house, I could not believe her forehead! Right in the center was the largest goose-egg I had ever seen. Now I know why they are called goose-eggs. It stuck out of her head a good inch and was so round and huge. She really did seem OK, but we watched her pretty closely for a while. It is now a week later and that blood has drained down her face, leaving a small bruise on her forehead and two black eyes. I've been trying to remember to get a good picture. Maybe I'll post again later.
We found a fun petting farm with goats, chickens, horses, lamas, rabbits, and probably more. I opted to sit out the last bit of the tour, due to my large belly. Just six more weeks!
More petting zoo.
In my family, we have coordinated the sexes of our children. First, we had a string of three girl cousins, then four boys. This is Rigby with the next two younger boys. They all weigh within two pounds of each other, and Rigby is not the largest. They're about the same height too, and Rigby wears the smallest diapers of the bunch. Here''s the kicker: Rigby is seven months older than Nolan and 14 months older than Gabriel. He's my tiny guy. Keep eating, Rigby!