Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Huskies won the PAC-10 championship. I report this here, not because I am a good source of sports information, but because most of my readers don't know that. But they may not know what the heck a "PAC-10" is at all.

Then again, a lot of you are related to my husband.

Today, the Huskies are playing in the first round of the Big Dance. We didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but today we made "Go Huskies" signs, bought purple candy, and had this for dinner:
It's purple carbonara, purple coleslaw, and purple grapes, all on yellow (gold) dishes.

As Nick ate his dinner, he found Bethelle's cup.

N: We have purple juice too?
Me: No. What are you talking about?
Nick takes a sip...
N: What's this, then?
Me: I don't know... I put water in that cup.
Nick takes another sip...
N: It's pretty good. Bethelle, where'd you get this juice?
Bethelle: I made it! I took some grapes and ...
Wow, that's creative
Bethelle cont.: ... chewed them up and spit them back in the cup!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving Again! But Where?!

I think I should explain better this time.

Over a year ago, Nick got a job in Seattle. It was almost a two hour commute each way. We sold the house and moved to a house owned by my brother, which was a 45 minute commute. The trick to this move was that the house we moved into was for sale. We agreed to keep it nice for showings and open houses (not new to us) in exchange for a great deal on rent. This worked nicely for everyone.

And now the house has sold. We will have been here 5 months by the time we have to be out. We have loved living here. We have enjoyed living near cousins and being in our wonderful ward (congregation). Please don't forget us just because we were temporary!

As for the next chapter in our lives... We have decided that we don't want to buy a house for about a year (and even then we'll be judging this crazy market), so we're looking for a rental somewhere south of Seattle with a decent commute and a fenced yard. Any ideas? Looking is harder than I thought it would be...

Decorating My, I Mean, Her Dollhouse, part 2

I made these fun wallpapers to fit Bethelle's dollhouse (with Photoshop) and then had them printed as 12x18 photos. A little spray adhesive, and voila!

The nursery:
The living room:

And some perspective for how it all fits together:
I've got the bathroom and kitchen ready to print, too!