Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rigby Turns Six!

The best day to have a birthday is one that is not convenient for any celebrations with friends or family. That way, your birthday celebrating turns into birthweek celebrating.

PHASE ONE: friend party

Rigby requested an Angry Birds Star Wars party.  That combo seems to not be anywhere except the app.  Rigby drew me a picture of what he wanted his cake to look like, and was pretty pleased with this recreation.
 For decorations and goody-bag items, we bought a couple Angry Bird items and a couple Star Wars items.  That works, right?

 Cake time!  It was a bit disappointing when a friend at the party blew out the candles after the song.  Oh well.  We lit them again and Rigby blew!

 I let each party attendant tell me what part of the cake they wanted, even if it was in the middle.  Curie was asked last, and she just wanted her brother's name.  Pretty sweet of her.
 I borrowed a bounce house from a friend and set it up in the family room for the party.  After about a week of having it in the house, I really began to miss my usual furniture and function of that room.

PHASE TWO: actual birthday

We wanted to do a little something to acknowledge the date, so Rigby got to pick a restaurant for dinner.  Off we went to Red Robin, which does the fun birthday song and ice cream sundae.

 As usual, Pierce was handsome there.  He takes after his big brother.
And then he wasn't quite as handsome, and Curie caught it in this picture.  I really don't know how to caption it.
 Somehow the kids then talked us into going to a frozen yogurt place.  We were all completely stuffed.
 And one big present, saved for the big day, with a little present on top.

PHASE THREE: family party

Cousins eating and bouncing.


 And that was it.
Happy birthweek, Rigs.