Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ode to Zofran

This is the first pregnancy that I've tried prescription drugs.  I really kinda thought I was cool to tough it out, but I am now repenting of my pride.

I love my Zofran.

As you can see, I am even posting recently after my last post.  I'm a new me.  Or, really, I'm the old me, but back.

Nick accidentally called it Prozac, and it's eerily fitting.  It's only been 36 hours, but I'm much more fun to be around than the sicko who's been living in this house the last couple of months.  She has been evicted.  Permanently, I hope.

I still feel "pregnant," whatever that means, but at least now it's hard to describe, instead of the easy description of, "you know when you just want to hurl... all day... every day... for months at a time?"

Let me just add briefly for those who are interested that Zofran runs a new low price of only $40 per pill.  Yeah.  But (now listen carefully) there is now a generic version, which is what I'm actually on, that is only $4 per pill.  My doctor didn't even know about it.  Thank goodness for good friends and good pharmacists.

In related news, Bethelle wants a little brother.  We were surprised at first, but she is consistent.  It's because she loves Rigby so much and because she thinks he's "so handsome"!  Isn't that adorable?  Oh, and she wants to name the little boy Larry.  Mmm hmm.  How do you like that, President Johns?  If it's a girl, she wants to name her Bethelle.  I kinda do too.


mindy said...

congratulations on the pregnancy! I hope you are feeling better very soon, and that the weight just starts piling on!

Meagan Kemp said...

Yay for anything that makes your pregnancies easier! Hey - you deserve to enjoy one, right? I'm so glad you found something that works for you. Way to go!

Jonathan, Mandy & the girls said...

It's all about drugs, and not just because my husband is in pharma! Why is it so vogue to show our primitive and frontierish side by shunning the miracles of modern medicine? Let me say, I love epidurals, and will have one every time I deliver, unless circumstances are out of my hands. And I will inoculate my children against the wholly preventible ills of such diseases as Polio, which once scourged the world population (probably still does in parts of the world). Glad you joined the ranks of happily living again!

Our Ohana said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you and your meds! You do sound a lot more like the Elke we know and love now!
Your kids are so cute, I'm not at all surprised that Bethelle wants another little Rigby around, he is just adorable! Keep us all posted!
- Sara xx

Sarah-Olivia said...

Rachel probably wouldn't survive a pregnancy without Zofran, seriously. Luckily I have never been THAT sick. I am so glad you are feeling better! I hate feeling pregnant in the sick sort of way!