Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need Help!

I rebel, orange crayon sneaked by me into the laundry yesterday.  An entire load seems ruined.  I have been soaking it in Oxyclean-water and the spots have gotten noticeably lighter, but are too present to wear the clothes.  What can I do?  Anything?  I need your advice!


Elise said...

I hate that!

I have heard that treating with either goo-gone or dawn works well.

Jonathan, Mandy & the girls said...

soak, soak, soak is my mantra. I do a 24 hr. soak in a washing machine, and be sure to agitate it every so often for the bubble action. My sister in law says she scraped at the crayon as much as possible. I've actually never experienced this yet, but the only stains I haven't tamed with oxy are ball point pen. The clothes are a goner with that one. Otherwise, if you follow the directions ( 1 scoop per gallon) I think, with patience, you will prevail

Elise said...

You know, Mandy, have you tried hair spray on ball point pen? It works. That's one I've had a LOT of experience with.