Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ballet Recital

Bethelle and her cousin, Joee, had their first ballet recital last week.
They danced to a song about an octopus and one about swimming, hence the swim caps and goggles. It was adorable. Bethelle did very well, following the teacher and doing all of the dances while some others just stood still. I was so proud of her. Below, she is the one in pink and black.
Rigby wanted so badly to dance with the girls, but he was still a good boy when I told him that is was just for the big kids. When watching the show, though, he copied the dance, and I think he even did it very well! I believe that is first position in this picture.
One more shot of Bethelle, after the second production. Good job, Princess!

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JM Inc. said...

so cute! What a darling ballerina, and what a NASTY bruise. You have good girls to throw you a nice baby bash like that. Hope we're in the home stretch by now. How many days left?

Meagan Kemp said...

What a darling little princess - aren't you such a lucky mom! :)