Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch with Grandma

Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch. I would have thought that implied a pumpkin garden. Oh well... at least it was covered... it was raining pretty hard outside.

They had a hay bale maze that the kids loved. OK, Bethelle loved it. Rigby walked all through it, but he never smiled. He just followed.
Here's Curie in the maze with Grandma. No fair being carried, Curie! You can see the end of the maze!
Our cousin, Joee, was there...
And her brother, Rushy.
Rigby doing "hay angels"...
And Bethelle posing as a scarecrow.
I have recently felt like I have more cute pictures of Bethelle than Rigby, so I followed him around for a while. I got one!

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