Thursday, May 20, 2010


Normally, I would not post on the internet when we will be leaving our home. But no one knows where we live. Not even my mother.

Hey Mom, just call. You can have my address.

We have moved so many times recently, I don't think anyone could keep up with us.

So I'll say it out loud, "WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!"

I am as excited as the kids. I've been reading up on how to tackle the park and where to eat and everything else and I am having to teach Bethelle patience by example.

Nick told Bethelle a week ago that he would give her five dollars at Disneyland. She told me about it later and said that she only wants four dollars because she wants to give two to Rigby and keep two. What a sweetheart.


5 ibarras said...

so fun!!! i'm happy for you guys {and jealous!} we are HUGE fans of disneyland and miss it terribly....good for you for researching ahead of time, i'm sure it will pay off!!

christina said...

How fun!!

We're planning a trip to Disney World next summer. Can't wait to hear how your trip goes!


Ashley C said...

How exciting! I've been wanting to go back to Disneyland for years. I hope you have a great time. And Bethelle is so sweet. :)

JM Inc. said...

I'm so crushed that you didn't invite us along ): The kids have been dying to go back ever since our first trip last summer. After you go, you must post all the specifics of how to conquer Disney, Rushton style...

Stephanie said...

We LOVE Disneyland!!!! You'll have soo much fun! You've got to get the park hopper passes and hit Bugs land in California Adventures.

Dana said...

Disneyland!! Sweet! Hope you have a fantastic time! Sorry you have been moving so much.
ps. tell Nick he better plan on giving her more that...I think $5 will only buy her a sucker in the park! :)

Amanda said...

Disney is so much more fun with kids than you ever remember. Be sure to utilize the stroller/parent pass that lets you in the exit with a kiddo. That let us go on so many more rides than we would have otherwise. Have a great time!

Garth said...

Okay! Just be sure it is me when I call.
Have tons of fun!!!
Love, Mom J.