Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rigby's Birthday

I have a lot of catching up to do.  That is because recently I have spent a lot of time looking like this.
Fortunately for Rigby, he did not have to wait a few months for his party.  I am keeping up with some parts of life, even if this blog is not among them.  At almost the last minute, Nick and I decided that we were not interested in hosting at our house, given my condition, so off we went to the local kids' gym.

It was wonderful!  The whole place was reserved just for our group, and the workers took care of everything.  We have never had such a kick-back, no stress, no clean-up party.
Here's the little super man himself!
He can walk his feet backwards up that wall until he's almost vertical.
Did I tell you that the workers did everything?  When I showed up with naked cupcakes and two buckets of frosting, they even offered to frost them for me.  I am too controlling of my projects to accept, but that was above and beyond of them, I say.

Here is the result.  Rigby had asked for a light saber cake.  This was so simple to do and he loved it!
Below, Curie is getting ready for a career in football by practicing her tackling.  Look at the air she is catching as she runs to knock down the mat!
Presents and the table...
We had a great group of cousins and friends.  The pizza arrived a couple minutes late, so they all ate up their veggies like such good kids!  Maybe it was the workout that made them so hungry.
Here, I'm showing off the Stars Wars theme on the plates.  I don't look too sick there, do I?
Which one is our cousin and which is our neighbor?  Sometimes we have trouble telling them apart.
Even their smiles have the same number of teeth!
Happy birthday to my favorite Jedi!  We love you, Rigby!


H+B Jackson said...

So fun! You are awesome! Looks like a perfect party!

Meagan Kemp said...

That is a fabulous idea! I love the cake too! I hope you are feeling better, being sick and being responsible for three little wonderful ones is too much for anyone to deal with for too long. Sending all of you love!