Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Well, yes, but SEVEN?"

As usual, Brownie points for naming the movie.

Nick, you don't get to play.  I know that you know this movie.

Bethelle turned seven today.  I've never been a mother to a seven year-old before.  I hope I pass this test.

She is so beautiful and smart and kind.  My favorite thing about her (at this moment) is her perspective.  She understands things like a woman well beyond her years.  For example, several months ago, she wanted to buy best friend necklaces for herself and a friend (duh).  I told her that I didn't forbid the idea, but that she should consider how it might make other friends feel when they were not included in the necklace.  She just said, "I didn't think of that.  I don't want them anymore."  That is so typical for her.  She likes to understand the logic behind an idea, and then she'll never fight against it.

She is one of my best friends.  I would love to spend all day just with her.  Whenever we get the rare chance to go out just the two of us, we always make great memories.

Love you, Bethelle.  I'm proud of you for being seven, and so glad that you're not 17.  You're still all mine for a while longer.


Meagan Kemp said...

Happy birthday Bethelle!

Our Ohana said...

Sound of music of course!

Izzy and I watched it just yesterday:) "You like children don't you, Maria?"

I love how you talk about your daughter. It makes me want to snatch Savanna up from school and spend a whole day with just her. I don't remember the last time that happened. Hmmm. You've inspired me. I think I'll get a sitter and take her out to lunch next week! Goodness knows, they don't stay young forever and she's slipping away!