Friday, April 27, 2012

Just a Trip to the Park

Maybe you've noticed the lack of pictures in this blog recently.  I had a bit of bad luck with my camera a few months back, which disturbed me so much, I tried not to think about it.  The camera was pretty new and had been expensive.  And I had talked Nick into letting me buy it after about eight years of wanting a nice, new digital SLR.  Like Scarlett O'Hara, I preferred to "think about it tomorrow."  With some encouragement, I finally scheduled myself some time to think it through and call the company.  Before I called, I spent about ten minutes with the owner's manual and solved all my problems.  Oops.  Lesson learned.  I hope.

Anyhoo, we are back to taking pictures and posting some here on this blog for what I hope is your entertainment.  We begin with a trip to the park on a beautiful weekend.
 Neglecting some things that needed to be done at home, as good parents occasionally do, we walked from our home to two different nearby parks.  I pushed Curie in the stroller and Bethelle got to ride her bike down the neighborhood hill for the first time.  This required some lessons in advanced braking, but the student took well to the teachings.
 If you look closely below (or click on it to blow it up), you will see Bethelle far ahead of the family on her bike, followed far behind by Curie, pushing her own stroller, and Rigby on Nick's shoulders.
 These two got ahead of their pregnant momma on the way back up the hill.  We found them sitting on this yellow square, together but silent, looking straight ahead and pondering the deeper things of the universe.  Love these little friends.
We've had some rain and even hail this April, but so far the weekends have been downright beautiful.  Even hot, compared to the snows of March.  For a few days, we had thought we had skipped right ahead to summer.  I hope these weekends are just a sign of things to come.


Paul Rushton said...

Love those cute little people! And big daddy too! Uh oh, where's your big tummy? Might have to show that off too.

Rita said...

You will never remember what those things were that needed to be done at home. These precious children will be grown too fast. I am so glad that you take the time together to enjoy each other. Love the pictures. Grandma J.