Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daddy Golf School

There is a new tradition brewing in our family.  Every Saturday (OK, almost every Saturday), Nick takes the kids either to a park to hit drives or to a putting green.  Or both.

Last Saturday, I joined them.  My belly and I took a folding chair and brought the camera.

Nick lined up the kids at the edge of the green and instructed.  Bethelle was to the right of Rigby, below, but the afore-mentioned belly was too lazy to stand and back-up our chair so that everyone would be in the shot.  They were all such good students, listening and practicing the techniques being taught.
 Rigby hit some great putts.
 For being two, Curie even did very well.  Her biggest lesson was learning to stay quiet on the course.
 One lucky, lucky man and his little beauty!
 Bethelle was excellent.  She hit some really long, close putts.
 After that came driving practice.  This girl has a naturally beautiful swing.  Look at her form!

 She gets it from her Daddy.  Definitely.


Our Ohana said...

That's awesome! We found a great kids set of golf clubs at a garage sale a year ago and still haven't taken the kids out to use them, so well done, Nick! Golf is such a fun sport.

Rita said...

Love all those golfers! We need a picture of the audience in the chair!