Monday, September 3, 2012

Swimming LESSONS

Like many of you who have children of similar ages, this summer saw mine in a few swimming lessons.  Rigby took two sessions; Bethelle just one.

We go to a great pool.  It is small but very nice.  They host just one class at a time with just three students.  They can all be taught at different levels, meaning that I could have Bethelle and Rigby in a  class together.  For Rigby, swimming was new and scary.  He had spent some time every summer in a pool, and our San Fran apartment had one that we went to frequently, but Rigby always preferred the shallow steps or the hot tub.  Lessons meant venturing far beyond his comfort zone.

I was so impressed to watch him try to expand his horizons.  Even though he was so scared, I never had to push him.  He always wanted to get in and to try to be brave.  His teacher never had to fight him to swim out with her away from his comfortable steps, even though he explained clearly how scared he was.  When doing the very hardest things, he would practically cry, but only while doing what he was told.  I am so proud of him!

Bethelle, on the other hand, will do anything.  She is eager to take on the world.  She is all confidence.  Because of this, she progressed much more quickly in her swimming strokes.  In two weeks, she went from barely being able to stay afloat to knowing many ways to confidently move herself across a deep pool.

Watching them and their learning differences, I realized that although Bethelle progressed so much faster, Rigby was mastering other skills.  He learned more than to swim.  He learn by practice to put his mind over matter and to get something done that is hard.  He learned that pushing yourself can be fun and rewarding.  He learned not to give up, but to believe in himself.

Bethelle will now be safer in water as a result of our time in the pool.  Rigby, I think, will be more fulfilled in life for the time he spent.  He will be better able to tackle the challenges that will face him in the next year or two as he begins school and finds himself further and further from me and his many comforts.

So that's why I put those caps in the title of this post: for the double meaning in swimming LESSONS.

Now that's DEEP.

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H+B Jackson said...

you are SO clever! haha

It is nice to hear parents understand that while swimming lessons are meant to teach swimming - so much more is being taught. Conquering fears is what I do every swimming lesson. I push my kids to do something new every time - the joy and sense of accomplishment they achieve after trying something new and difficult is priceless.

So proud of you both! Love you lots Rigby and Bethelle! Aunt Holly misses you all tons!