Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spring Snow

The day before Bethelle's birthday party left the birthday girl wondering if her party would take place at all.  We were planning the event for after school on a Friday, but on Thursday, there was snow on the ground and school was late in starting.  The crazy part in all this is that it was the end of March.  And we live in western washington.  I've been here my whole life and can't recall such a late, thick snow.  Just at this time, Rigby and Curie were learning about the signs of spring in their preschool class.  Curie was very confused.
 These first two pictures are of Wednesday night, as the snow began.  I didn't think it would last, so I let the kids go outside to play in it at bedtime.
 But last it did!  The next day was sunny and bright, but cold.

 We had a brief addition to our family.  Rigby and Curie built this guy on their own, as Bethelle was a school.  Pretty good job!

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