Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pretend Dirt

Bethelle is a teacher.  No matter what the topic, whenever we mention anything that she can do and Rigby cannot, she says that she will teach him when he is bigger.  This goes for numbers, potty training, eating, speaking...  If she keeps her word, my job is going to be so easy!

Bethelle also likes to teach us.  When driving in the car, we often sing songs.  Lately, she has been teaching me songs.  As you may imagine, she doesn't really know any songs that I did not teach her.  She sings, "Mary had a little," then waits while I repeat, "Mary had a little."  Then she adds, "lamb who eece-uh-ite-uh snow," to which I reply, "lamb, whose fleece was white as snow."  It's funny to see how many songs she "knows" without really knowing the words at all.

Last night we all had a little ice cream with crushed oreos on top.  Nick told her it was dirt.  Thinking I would like to avoid future incidences, I pointed out that it was actually pretend dirt.

She turned to Nick and said, "putend dirt, Daddy."
Nick, "pre-tend"
Bethelle, "putend"
Nick, "pre-tend"
Bethelle, "putend"
Nick, catching on, "putend"
Bethelle, "dirt"

At this point, some of my ice cream came bursting out of my mouth.  I hadn't realized that she was not trying to copy what he was saying; she was trying to teach him how to say it correctly.  She thought that he was trying to get it right.  Only when he said "putend" correctly did she go on to the rest of the phrase.

Rigby is certainly growing up.  He is a very good baby, and so adorable (OK, I'm his mom)!  He's still not grasping how much better of a mom I am when he has given me a good night's sleep.


Miles Jackson said...

Cute kids, we are missing you guys.

mindy said...

so cute! i love the funny things that kids say. bethelle sounds like quite the smart little thing-and she is so adorable. she reminds me of a little trish!

hannah said...

They are so cute!!! It reminds me of my brother and i when we were younger <3