Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Props to Erin

Tonight I took my miamiads (14 & 15 year-old girls from church) rock climbing.  It was a ball.

Here's Zoey braving the beast.

Madi's going to try next time...
Here's Sis. Briggs looking good on belay.
Discussing the best strategy for ascension 

Erin suddenly unleashed her hidden inner monkey.  This little innocent scaled the wall.  I think it feared her.  

Here she is on top.
I can still feel the straps digging into the backs of my thighs
Good job, girls!  You are my heroes!


hannah said...

What about the person who took the pictures? Did you do them?

Elke Rushton said...

Nope... I guess SHE should have turned the camera around... Did anyone else get pictures of Hannah?

HannahRA said...

Haha...i think that i took some one the way there....but they are really bad =( i guess i dont have to be on there ;) its fine...just thought i would put it down for fun...!!! But thanks anyways! It was fun! You are a GREAT and AWESOME leader!