Monday, March 3, 2008

From the mouths of babes

We've been watching a little American Idol.  Last year we watched a lot of American Idol.  We vowed this year to skip the try-outs; they're really not about singing well as much as jest.  We even thought we'd watch less of the competition, but then we met David Archuletta.

This little Murray, UT boy can "blow," as Randy would say.  He has been incredible so far, so now we're hooked again.

Bethelle has been watching some of this with us (DVR style, of course).  As one girl sang, she said, "I want to sing like that when I'm bigger."  As Amanda Overmyer sang, however, she said, "Why that girl can't sing, Mommy?  Oh, her throat is bad."  I'll leave it at that.

For historical purposes, I'll just add here that Rigby is now proficient at rolling over and blowing raspberries.  He is beginning to reach out to us when we pick him up.  We think he has inherited crossed eyes from my (Elke's) side of the family and has an appointment with a specialist this week.  Yesterday he made a sound as I changed his diaper that sounded a lot like "I-love-you."  I know he did not really say it, but I also know that he really does.


Tyra said...

hey, I'm Nicks cousin, Tyra, we stumbled across your blog!!! Cute kids and beautiful family!!!
we are so in love with David, too!!!!

HannahRA said...

That is so funny!!! I think i would say that if i was Bethel! Smart girl =D haha

Rita said...

There have been times when I thought someone very young, like Rigby, said something they have heard often. I think it is quite possible that they did say it. However, as they have gotten older, they seem to loose that ability and it may only happen once or twice. Then they have to learn it just like we all learn things. Love, Grandma

Melinda Jones said...

Wow, in the mouth of babes...I couldn't agree more with Bethel. VERY observant girl.