Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our Little Pirate - Aaar Matey...

If I hadn't known that Rigby was my son before, I've certainly got it figured out now.  Although I wasn't cross-eyed myself, it does run in my family.  Here is Rigby not looking quite his best.

It's not always that bad.  We took him in to a pediatric opthamologist (type that ten times fast!) today and his strabismus is now official.  Here he is after his visit, sporting a new, 2-hours-per-day look.
This will be the mode for the next seven weeks.  If his eyes still cross, it may be surgery time for our little man.  Let's hope the patches work!


The Sorenson Family said...

Awesome patch! Poor little guy, I hope he doesn't need the surgery!

Melinda Jones said...

What a sweet heart! Not many people look as good in a eye patch, just ask Captain Hook.