Friday, October 3, 2008

Perpetual 87

Yeah, I'm in Hawaii. I'm so excited. I hope I can post pictures while I'm here, but we'll see.

I arrived yesterday after a six hour flight with Rigby. I am soooo pleased to say that the flight went very well. As a roamer, I didn't know if Rigby could handle being confined to my lap for that long. He did great. He slept only 1:20, but, for a guy who never sleeps outside of his crib, that was pretty good.

Nick and Bethelle are home having Daddy/daughter adventures. Have fun, you two! I will!.

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Justin, Jannah, Callie and Mariah said...

You cant just say "i'm in Hawaii" and not tell WHY?! Wow! What an adventure with little rig! I hope you are well. We love you!!!