Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rigby and his party

My little baby is a year old.  He's full of personality and has a mind of his own.
The cake was a pretty festive treat.  Rigby got the small top layer of his volcano (see pics in next post) to himself.  When eating, he usually wipes his hands in his hair.  Great.  As a special birthday moment, he picked up his whole cake and wiped it in his hair.  All over.  On top, behind his head... everywhere.  Much more of his cake ended up in his hair than in his belly.
I couldn't resist posting this classic pose.  What a heartbreaker.
Me and my babes.
The kiddie table.  I love these guys.  We missed you, Joee!
My brothers.  We missed you, too, Blair.


Jonathan, Mandy & the girls said...

Nice Elke! That volcano cake is impressive...gotta love the classic 1st birthday pics with cake smeared everywhere. That's why we give it to them anyway, isn't it?

Our Ohana said...

Happy Birthday, Riggs!!! I can't believe you went and left us in Hawaii and had a luau way on the other side of the ocean! I guess I can forgive you - especially after seeing the charming way you pick your nose while eating your volcano cake - who could stay mad at a face like that?! Love you!
- Sara xx

Angela Miller said...

That is so cute. Happy b-day to Rigby. Can you give me your e-mail address so I can invite you to my blog?

Elke Rushton said...

here's my email, Angela. I've been missing your blog!