Sunday, November 2, 2008

College Humor

College was the first time in my life that I was ever around a lot of girls.  OK, there was Girls Camp every summer, but that was way over the top.  In college I had a little apartment with 6 girls (women?  no way!) in as few square feet as possible.  I LOVE those kids.  They are my sisters.  I will love them forever.

We were all a little different from each other, but we were a good mix.  Melinda and Lorrie were the crack-ups.  I appreciated their humor best.  Then there was Meagan who really didn't think we were funny at all.  We called SNL "Family Night".  We were totally into "The Office" type humor (this was, of course, before that show).

We must have had nothing to do one night, because we got out some colored construction paper, glue sticks, crayons, and my sticker book, begun when I was 4, and made crazy creations.  We then wrote on them that they were acceptance letters into the Mariah Carey fan club.  We mailed these things to random people at BYU that we at least knew of: the star quarter-back, a guy in our congregation, a girl from a class...  Why did we do this?  I have no idea.  But if you can imagine the glitter and paper and stickers and brownies, maybe you can imagine the good time we had.

Even though I have not grown out of appreciating this humor, I now concede to Meagan that she was right.  It's really not that funny... to most people.  How do I know this, if I have not grown out of it myself?  Let me give you an example.

One of the most memorable nights was when we were in some kind of delirium, thinking of cities that sounded funny with our names.  I think I remember "Lorrie Nashville" being particularly hilarious.  I bet we stuck with this mode of brainstorming for an hour, laughing at how funny it all sounded.

Tonight in the car, Bethelle did the same thing.  She's three.  They weren't cities, but for about 15 minutes, she was cracking up to "Daddy Road!" and "Rigby Sweater!" and expecting the laugh in return.

Meagan, you win.  It can't be that funny if a three year-old can come up with it.


Garth said...

I hope Daddy road and Rigby sweater is never not funny. I love the humor of my grandchildren and my children and all children. I'm so glad, Elke, that you were able to have that fun with your roommates. We all need to have that kind of genuine, childish fun from time to time. I wonder if anyone who received one of those Mariah Carey fan club acceptance letters will read this blog and finally know who sent it. Uh, oh, busted!
I love you, Mom

Our Ohana said...

What? It IS funny, it just means your daughter has a genius sense of humor :)
Thanks for the laugh! Most people might not get it, but those memories still crack me up!
- Sara xx

Janae said...

I have to agree with Sara. Bethelle must get her sense of humor from Lorrie. And Melinda. Maybe you. Maybe me. Also, will you take pictures if/when she starts to decorate the house with advertisements and various condiments.

Elke Rushton said...


Is that what the mess in my house is? Decorations? I should have known.

Meagan Kemp said...

Okay, so I didn't think it was funny at all back then, but... when I tell people the stories of us living together now they crack me up. Eating flowers, decorating our apartment with condiments from the kitchen and any other time Lorrie and Melinda had too much alone time make for stories that no one believes and I can't get through without tears of laughter. I guess it just took me six years to get the jokes. Or a hillarious husband to loosen me up. :)

Melinda Jones said...

Oh, good times. I think we were absolutely hysterical. Some of my best work happened in that apartment. It's all down hill from there. This is what happens when I'm away from my girls. Love you all!

Amanda said...

I must say, that was my "brown period," as in brownies, fudge, and chocolate cherry goo. Maybe that is a justifiable excuse for what we did - we were all under the influence. But yes, it was funny, no matter what anyone says! And our inventions were more than a 3-year-old could think up, because we knew geography. That at least puts us at third grade level.