Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Night at the Mariners

Nick and I went on a little date last night to a Mariners game. Apparently, Nick "knows a guy" (I've been married to him for six years. How come I don't know this guy?) who could get us amazing seats and bracelets allowing us to hang out outside the locker rooms with the players' families as we waited for them to come out. It could only have been better if the Ms had won. Nick got a new hat (pic'd above).

This really might be the last time we get out like this, as by the end of the evening I was having contractions four minutes apart. I can hear my OB now, telling me to slow down and just rest. Maybe I'll start taking that advice. Right after the trip to the zoo that I've been promising Bethelle...

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Leslierush said...

Wait were you guys at the Mariners v. Rangers game? Cus we were at that game too!!!