Friday, September 4, 2009

A Few Comparisons

First, some pictures of pregnant me.

Looking OK, in the hospital right before the action begins...
POW! Can you believe the belly on that girl! No wonder she was over 9 pounds.
Curie with her flowers, just a couple of days old.
Same song, but this one is of Bethelle. Definitely sisters. You can tell them apart by the chub.
And one of Rigby. Compare this one with the first picture in the next post.


Our Ohana said...

Those first two pictures are so cute, if you squint you can barely tell you're even pregnant in the first one! I love how all your babies look so much alike, they're just so beautiful, just like their parents!!!

mindy said...

great comparisons!! how cute! hope you're all doing well--

Garth said...

Wow! Do they all look alike! And we love all three so very , very much. And they have wonderful parents! Elke, I know you keep up with labeling pictures. It's a good thing, you will never tell the pictures apart.
Love, Mom and Dad (Grandma & Grandpa) Jackson

Melinda Jones said...

Oh my goodness, I am so out of the loop but CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, she is gorgeous and, as always, you look incredible Elke. Love you. But more than you I love the profile belly picture. Don't get me wrong, you are pretty great but nothing can take away my love for that photo.