Friday, September 18, 2009

Kid Update

Bethelle started preschool this week. I told her that she would love it, and she does. Bethelle is into projects and learning. She never really spent much time with toys. At preschool she paints and draws and makes things. This is her version of heaven. I had debated in my mind whether or not to send her, but I'm so glad that I did.

She is also an excellent big sister. She sets a good example for Rigby, and he really looks to her for that. Today I asked her if she would hold Curie while I did the dishes and said that I would even pay her to do it (she's trying to make money to buy Rigby a birthday present -- her idea!). She told me that she would do it for three cents. Perfect.

Rigby, Rigby. I feel that I haven't talked enough about him in this blog. Rigby is my little sweetheart. He is attentive and kind. He pays attention to everything that is going on around him. If I am looking for my shoes, he notices, finds them, and lays them at my feet. If I mention to my mom that we'll probably leave her house soon, he starts cleaning up the toys. If Curie is crying, he suggests to me what needs to be done until she is happy again. If he is getting a toy at the store or a cookie after dinner, he makes sure that Bethelle is getting one too. When we leave somewhere, he says good-bye to everyone in the room individually, and he usually adds a "thank you!" to his "bye!" (even tonight as he said goodnight to Bethelle he thanked her). And he picks the most sentimental little moments to say, "I happy" and just melt your heart.

He is really picking up on speaking in sentences lately. Every day he surprises me with new vocabulary and uses of words. Today he jumped and then told me that he jumped. In past tense. I try not to be too surprised, but that was new. He can be a little hard to understand, though, if you're not used to him. For example:

moo = juice
muk = milk
nuk = music
ha-nuk = all done

Most of his words are more clear than that, but those are some of his funny ones. One of his favorite things to say is, "Oh, nice!" This generally presents when someone has thrown something (a ball usually... hopefully). And he calls Curie "m-my C'wee" (my Curie).

Curie is an angel thus far. She is happy and content most of the day. For the first time in my life, I have a child who does not consume my constant attention and both of my arms at every moment. I don't remember being able to get anything done with a baby around before, but so far Curie lets me. And she sleeps well (knock on wood). In the last week, she has slept for six hours straight three times. Just when we thought things couldn't get better, she slept for eight hours, and then seven. Please, please let this be how she is and not just a phase!

The only other thing to say is how much they all love each other and how well they get along. My greatest fear as a mother is that some day this will end and they will fight and have moments where they don't even like each other, much less love each other, but for now we're okay. For now, they are each other's whole world and I love it.


Our Ohana said...

I love the list of cute Rigby words you posted! And I LOVE that picture on top, what a precious moment of your three wonderful children! I'm so glad Curie has been an angle beby or you, you certainly deserve it. Keep the posts coming, I love to read about how you are all doing!
- Sara xx

Stephanie said...

That is such a cute picture!! Congratulations to Bethele in preschool! That's a big step.