Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peaches and Oreos

Rigby asked what Curie was eating for breakfast.

I told him, "peaches and oreos".

Suddenly, nobody wanted what they had anymore.

I meant to say "cheerios".

I ruined breakfast.


Emily Alexander said...

Hey Elke,
Do you live on Bainbridge Island now? Your post about so many things within walking distance sounds awesome. I really do want to move back to Washington...

Elke said...

Then you really should come here. It is fantastic. Yes, I do live on BI. BI has the highest number of lawyers per capita of any city in WA, so you two will fit right in! Most of them work in Seattle, a couple on the island.

Elise said...

THAT's funny.

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Fabia Costa said...

this is family is beautiful!!

Kyle said...

Maybe I am thinking to hard, but...I don't quite understand this entry!