Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Updates, updates

Just want to catch y'all up on everybody...

Nick is still working at Wells Fargo in Seattle. He (we) will be off for San Fran in January for five months of training, then we'll get our more permanent spot. For now though, he loves his job and the people he works with. And he especially likes that he has to golf occasionally with clients. Poor kid.

I am busy at home with three kids, none in school yet. I find it an all-day job just to keep five people fed, healthy, clean, and living in habitable conditions. Phew! It's just so... constant. Blogging and Photoshop seem to be my releases lately.

Bethelle is prepping for kindergarten in the fall. Yesterday she read a book that was 63 pages long! She got tired at 53 pages, but really wanted to finish. Granted, they are short, repetitive pages, but I'm proud of her for pushing through. She is just moving on to the second level of swimming lessons. These were an utter failure when we tried a few years ago, but she's loving to swim now and will catch up quickly. Bethelle is social and outgoing. She wants everyone to love her and assumes that they do.

Rigby is addicted to being a prince lately. He has a gold cape, silver shield, and green sword that he is rarely without. He runs around saving princesses all day from dragons and Jafar, saying, "hi-yah!" constantly. He likes letters and numbers and surprises me with the things he knows. Who taught him all that stuff? It is much harder to find the time to teach him with two other kids running around than it was to teach the lone Bethelle, but he is learning from his surroundings. He really watches out for others and likes to make sure things are fair and right and that everyone is safe and accounted for.

Curie is ten months now. She crawls very well, but likes to spend as much time on her feet as possible. She likes to kneel on a bed and then bounce and fling herself around on the mattress. She laughs and falls over and keeps throwing herself around. Her best words are Da-da and all done, but she also says hands, Ma-ma, Curie (we think), and hi-yah (thanks, Rigs). She loves to play patty-cake and swinging.


Meagan Kemp said...

Um, SanFrancisco, five months...care to elaborate?

Elke said...

Nick's job is sending him there for training. There's a 90% chance that we're all going. Five months away is just too long. Then Nick gets the promotion and the more permanent position. Capeesh?

JM Inc. said...

I'm with you on your sentiments regarding taking care of three kids. And turning 30 didn't help...I'm so stinking tired all the time! Glad you guys are well and love the little snapshots into the kids. We have much to catch up on, but when??? Are you guys permanent on BI until san fran? ....miss you; jonathan wants a job that requires golfing too (: