Monday, March 7, 2011

Hyde Street Pier

We found a sunny day to walk out on the curvy dock I mentioned earlier.  Another checklist item!
Is it just me, or does every place around here have a view of the Golden Gate?

Post jaunt, we met some friends at the Maritime Museum and headed out to tour the ships on Hyde Street Pier.  Here's the first "ship."
Pretty sure this motley crew washed up from the prison.

My camera has a short, short battery life, so you'll have to picture the rest of the story in your mind.

We started and the end of the pier and worked our way in.  The first ship was one that would've traveled around the horn from NY to CA.  I was expecting just a ship, but it was decked out like it was ready to travel.  I was surprised by the realism of the bags and bags of wheat, crated piano, captain's quarters, furnished galley, etc.  Next we toured a steam tug boat.  As we boarded, we saw sea lions off the other side of the ship.  One caught a bird in his mouth!  Four other sea lions swarmed in and they all shared the bird.  If you could get past thinking of the poor bird, the view was spectacular.  The sea lions were dancing, synchronized swimmers and were only a few feet from us.  Great show.  We also toured an old ferry.  The friends with us were pretty excited by this boat, but my kids were not sure what was so special.  On Bainbridge, they rode the ferry weekly.

Not much else to report about this one.  Another great San Francisco outing.  This city doesn't stop.

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