Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Diamond

I grew up with a dad who loved the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Doors.  Nick's dad played Neil Diamond.  Nick went to his first Neil Diamond concert when he was five years-old.  He took me to his concert when we were 16.  I played it cool at the time, but I really hadn't heard many of his songs before that concert.

Well, Neil is still making music, but his age is showing in his singing, so what's a fan to do?  Enter Silver Diamond, a cover-singing, country-touring, Letterman-performing tribute band.
We took the kids to Nick's aunt's house for the night.  She's only an hour away from us, but we hadn't been out to see her yet since living here.  Curie did very well away from us.  She didn't cry when we left and she slept well in a travel crib in the bathroom.  The big kids lived it up!  The stayed up late watching cartoons and then finally fell asleep in a bed with four kids and a chihuahua.  Bethelle is in love with that dog.  It begins.

I liked the concert a lot.  Nick loved it.  That's OK, right?  His opening band was a Beatles cover, which was fun for me.  The Diamond singer sounded exactly like a young Neil Diamond.  Exactly.  Nick was in heaven dancing and singing along.  We met up with six of Nick's coworkers.  They were pretty impressed/confused that Nick knew every word to every song.

Super Diamond's final words, and the moral of this post:
Never let anyone ever tell you that Neil Diamond doesn't rock!!  (And the crowd goes wild...)


Ashley C said...

I think Neil Diamond is awesome! My dad always played his songs when I was growing up.

Brooke said...

I LOVE Neil Diamond! Here is one of my favorite home videos of Sweet Caroline:

Stephanie said...

I think the love of Neil Diamond came through my Dad too. I love him. It was oddly the first thing I ever put on my I-Pod. Sometimes my hubby thinks I'm strange for knowing all the songs, but Diamonds are forever, right?:)