Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick Update

I have birthday parties and Halloween to catch up on, but I don't seem to be getting to those.  So here's the quick story on the pregnancy.

I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow.  This is quite significant, as I generally feel much better around 15 or 16 weeks.

This is my journal... my record of my life, so please don't read my list of symptoms as complaining.  I want to chronicle how all of this goes for me.

Pregnancy number four has continued to be my best ever.  I have rarely crossed the line from sickness to misery, though I have been pretty consistently sick.  I have not thrown up much, which helps me a great deal mentally.  Although I have lost six pounds due to lack of eating, I know that I eat consistently and that what I eat is healthy, so I'm confident of the nutrition that I am taking in.  In past pregnancies, I have vomited to much, I often wondered how I could be nourishing either of us.

Food has no appeal to me.  I eat only because I know that it's the right thing to do.  Even my favorite foods are bland and unappealing.  I especially recoil at anything sweet.  I eat very little sugar.  Nick sometimes says that he is jealous of this and that he could stand finding treats so repugnant.  I have eaten just a couple Halloween candies, but only because I keep hoping that something will taste great.  Can you imagine going for months without ever being pleased and satisfied by food?  I am truly hoping that I will be over this in time for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner!

My days are pretty much the same.  I get Bethelle to the bus, then do the minimal amount of work that I can get away with.  I sit on the couch a lot and watch way more TV than usual.  My energy level is very low.  I am grateful, though, for the things that I can do.  I can take care of the kids without much trouble.  I can do the grocery shopping.  I have gotten the kids all the places that they have needed to be, like soccer and girl scouts.  I was even in a musical (post on that to come later).  It was more than I had the energy to do, but I did it anyway.  And I have done all of this more easily than in past pregnancies.

Like I said, I don't mean all this as complaints.  I am blessed to be able to be pregnant whenever I want and to have had three healthy babies, with all signs of this baby also being healthy.  Life is good, but I am looking forward to when life is a little better, and hoping that all these symptoms will be over soon.


Our Ohana said...

"Can you imagine going for months without ever being pleased and satisfied by food? "

I'm almost crying for you! This is pretty close to torture in my opinion. Food is way too important to me. You are so brave:)

Rachel said...

I wish I had been able to be in the musical with you!!!