Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Bethelle

Yesterday on the bus, Bethelle was faced with a decision.  And she did the right thing, though it brought her to tears.

I love her so much.  And I trust her.  She's a brave, good girl.


Garth said...

Sweet Bethelle! We love you so much, too!
Grandma Grandpa J.

Kyle said...

Well now I have to ask the question, "What was the incident?" But maybe then that's why you didn't post the details. It's too special.

Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing to watch them grow. And CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! I miss you.

Our Ohana said...

I'm curious too! But I'm glad she did the right thing. We can tell them what is right all we want while they are home under our supervision, but it is what they do when they are out on their own that lets us know whether or not we are really getting through! Sounds like you are.