Thursday, December 10, 2009

And that's not the half of it

We had to move to our new place a week before close, as we had a wedding to attend the next weekend (that's a post and a half, but I'm waiting for pictures). So when the closing date came, we were already settled in our new place. And paying rent. And the buyers wanted a three week extension.

Then another week went by and we got a sale termination notice.

What do we do? Move back? Stay and see if it sells again? How long can we make two payments? Should we start packing right now? What if we move back in just as we get another offer? What if it takes another year to get an offer?

I think I put my brain in hibernation as a self-defense mechanism.

In the next 36 hours, our house had three showings. We got an offer the following day. We'll be staying here.


rushton family archives said...


Poor things. Glad you got another offer and I hope everything works out.

Meagan Kemp said...

Goodness! That's horrid. I hope this other offer works out. I'm so sorry you put in so much extra work and effort only to be backed out on. You are certainly in our thoughts and prayers.