Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Move Itself

What a fiasco!

After our buyer's inspection, they sent us a wishlist of items to complete before close. What are you to do in a buyers' market? I looked at that list and and my house full of stuff to be packed and realized that I had an impossible task ahead of me. Nick was out of days off and takes an evening class... so it was all me. Until I enlisted a lot of help. I had contractors, in-laws, my parents, my brother, and several church friends over to help or watching my children. For a stay-at-home mom, I sure didn't see much of my little best friends for a couple weeks.

After working my fingers to the bone, not sleeping, not eating (I literally lost 6 pounds), not seeing my kids, and spending too much money, the list and the packing was complete. On time. Nick asked the men at church to come help us load the moving truck. 30 people showed up. I could cry just thinking about it. Thank you all so much. We will miss you!

To my great shame, we filled a 24 foot moving truck and a long trailer. Our new house is less than half the size of our old house, so we will be going through things for a while...

When we arrived at the new house, my brother had arranged for men from the church here to meet us and unload. Again, we had a great group and we were unloaded quickly. Nick then left to return the truck. About ten minutes down the road, the truck broke down. He called the company and they arranged to have it towed. I picked Nick up and brought him back home. It actually saved us from having to take it all the way back, but can you imagine if that had happened while full of our stuff?! Quelle désastre!

The biggest kudos go to the Congers for packing, cleaning, loading, driving the extra trailer all the way to the new house, and unloading. Wow.

Thanks to all who helped with the move. I don't think any of the helpers read this blog, so pass the message along for me.


Kyle said...

Good to see you back on your blog. I'll get the Christmas picture of me sent to you or Nick tomorrow. If you could, I'd like to get some of our Thanksgiving photos on the reply back after I send the Christmas photo that you are apparently going to photoshop me into like you did with Josh last time.

Meagan Kemp said...

I wish we were there to help. Sound scrazy hectic. And you better get eating - you don't have 6 pounds to lose woman! :) I'm so glad it's all done though - now you can hunker down and enjoy the holidays :)

Paul said...

Elkster, nice to be back on the blog, how's those family pictures looking for Christmas Cards? If you have the time, of course....... Pablo.

Our Ohana said...

Wow, Elke, I had no idea this week had been so tough on you, you are such an amazing woman! I hope your next move goes more smoothly now that most of your stuff is still all packed up! I so wish I were there to watch the kids for you and help you clean/pack/organize everything!!! Are you already househunting in Seattle? I can't wait to see pics of your new home!

Stephanie said...

Good job getting it done! I want to see pictures!