Monday, December 21, 2009

An Answer

Here is a comment from a recent post:

Just curious and for the record, Elke, did you and your brothers ever find where I hide gifts? Did you try?
Love, Mom

And here is the answer:

I once found (after looking for it... ) a big shopping bag full of what seemed to be presents in my mom's closet. Excitedly, I looked in and found a rubic-type toy (not a cube, a flat thing made of about 5 squares that fold around each other). I felt so bad about it and so disappointed at the lack of mo-jo that generally exists when you open a present, I put it back and didn't dig any deeper.

What about the rest of you readers out there? Leave me a story about finding/not finding presents. My favorite will get a Christmas itune of my choice. Tell me if you would want my favorite quirky Christmas song, or my favorite Christmas standard.


JM Inc. said...

I don't remember ever actively looking for Christmas presents, but I do remember one year, when I was about 8 or 9, Mom and her sisters were in the family room wrapping presents and my room was directly across the hall. I opened the door to use the bathroom and accidentally saw a giant teddy bear (rumple something er other) can't remember the exact name but he was one of those IT toys from the late nineties. Anyway, I was so excited to open that present, and when the day finally arrived you can imagine my dismay that he was NOT for me afterall!

Our Ohana said...

I never did find their hiding place! However, one year my sister and I did peek over the landing late Christmas Eve and we got to see the parents bringing toys from their room into the living room to wrap! I only got a glimpse of one or two (one was a much wanted barbie) before deciding that was a enough excitement and any more would spoil the next morning!

Garth said...

Elke, I thought I would tell you where I hid presents, when you were young. I was glad to hear that you did not know. There is quite a large space under the headboard of our bed. And it was not easy to get to. You had to remove the nightstand and crawl in. But that is where I hide them. I never had the feeling that anyone found anything.
Love to read your blogs, Mom