Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I used to do Bethelle's hair cute everyday.

Then I had two more children.

Now she's lucky that I don't shave her head just to keep it out of her face.

Recently I found some blogs all about little girl hair style ideas (see here and here), and the old romantic ideas of cute hair on my cute girl came flooding back. So the next day I did this:
(The hair in the pic is extra fuzzy because I took the picture the next day.)

It took me 45 minutes to do this little style. Meanwhile, the kids were watching cartoons and Curie was crying. And I was thinking "never again".

Then we ran some errands. A consignment shop and Costco. I got soooo many compliments from strangers. And it wasn't just, "cute hair!" It was, "Wow! What great hair! Did you do that? That's amazing. You're amazing. And look, you have three! And they're all perfect! How do you do it! What a great Mom!"

These are the kinds of words a stay-at-home Mom wishes she heard once in a while, but never does.

OK, maybe I'll do her hair again. But only on days that we go somewhere.


Amanda said...

If only Amelia had 1. enough hair of similar length to do something, and 2. Mommy had the talent to do it. But I understand the craving for Mom-praise. A random woman stopped Kreg in the hotel we stayed at all last week and told him our kids were wonderfully behaved. I spent most of the 12 hour drive home thinking about that. But I can't imagine she really meant MY kids....

Our Ohana said...

Thanks for the site links, I just added them to my favorites! I have to say, 7 years of being a mommy to little girls and I never thought hairstyles could get that creative - or that there would be blogs dedicated to them! I will definately be having fun doing theirhair for church! (the only time I really put that much effort into it - every other day is ponytail/braid/barrette day).