Friday, January 1, 2010

The Obligatory Christmas Post

Christmas was perfect this year. Thank you Mom and Patsy!

Christmas Eve began with joining my family at my parents' house. Everything was so pleasant, and the food was great. The whole family was there, including my brother Blair, who we hadn't seen since last Christmas.
Due to a lack of festiveness at our house (the move, etc.), we opted to stay at Nick's parents' home that night. I had informed Santa of our intentions. Here's the morning spread:
And this was supposed to be the piece-de-resistance of the whole day: a hand crafted dollhouse from Pabby.Bethelle missed it in her excitement of running out to look at the tree, so we said, "Bethelle, what's over here?"

"Ooooh! My stocking!"

"No.... behind the stocking."

"Aaaah! A coloring book!"

"No... behind the coloring book."

Then she just looked confused, like nothing was there at all. I think she thought it was an empty bookcase. Oh well. We'll get it decorated and blingin' in no time.This is a picture of Rigby opening a Batmobile. He has been playing with that non-stop this last week. The boy loves anything with wheels, and this converts into an airplane.
And here's my fabulous gift from Nick. And it's even cooler in person.


Our Ohana said...

Wow, that purse is so you! That made me laugh about the doll house, and it is beautiful too! It's funny how kids never see things the way we do! I'm sure a little furniture and she'll get the pictures straight away!

Me and My Boys said...

That's adorable! I LOVE the picture of your two little ones,it's so priceless! Hope everything is going well for you guys!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your header picture!