Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When it's been 40 years...

... there ought to be a party.

And there was.

I'm going to toot my own horn by saying how GREAT I was at getting my parents to their 40th anniversary party, dressed up and in complete ignorance of the occasion!
The event was simple and beautiful.  There were daisies at the wedding, so there were daisies at this party.
My parents are classic introverts.  They prefer the company of just a few close friends.  The assembled well-wishers have been a part of my parents' lives for so long.

I arrived with cakes and all the last-minute organizing to do, so I was so grateful that Rigby and Bethelle adopted themselves out, getting comfortable with my brothers' families.

By the time the couple arrived, I was finally "at ease."  Having the event at a restaurant really took the load off as a hostess.
My parents both turn/turned 60 this summer as well, so we added a bit of a birthday theme.
We even sang and blew out candles.  Their birthdays are two months apart, so this is probably their first joint birthday party.
Jared gave a very nice speech about the great people who raised us.  That Jared turns out to be pretty great himself.  It's such a cozy feeling to just love your family.
Don't they look happy?  They are.
Group hug!
Thank you to everyone who came and supported my parents.  What a victory to be in love for 40 years.
And thank you to Mom and Dad for your example of family, love, work, compassion, and service.  We could never show you enough appreciation, but once in a while we try.


Garth said...

What a surprise! What a fun party it was! And the kids all kept it a secret. We were told, the family was all getting together one last time, before Holly left, to do a big family photo, because we had not done that in Chelan. Many parts of the secret, looking back, are just funny. What sweet kids we have to do this for us. And just look at the last picture posted, what a wonderful posterity! We love and pray for you, each one,
Grandma and Grandpa Jackson

Our Ohana said...

This post made me tear up, and I don't even know these people! At least not directly. I'm beginning to see how rare it really is to see a couple who truly love each other and are still committed after that long. Marriages so often end early or are so very unhappy after the "honeymoon" years end. What a wonderful example they are to you! Can they be heroes of mine too?