Thursday, July 28, 2011

Janae Day - Part I - Franklin Falls

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a live-in photographer?  One who followed you around on every outing, documenting all the way?  Well, wonder no more.

My wonderful college roommate, Janae, doesn't make a habit of moving in with her photography subjects, but she made an exception in my case due, of course, to my charming personality.

First stop on the Janae train, Franklin Falls.

We hiked...
... along this ...
... to get to this.
Can you see interstate 90 in the top left of the picture above?  You'd never know it while hiking, but the trail and falls are located somewhere between the east-bound and west-bound traffic.  Seeing the highway was a dose of reality that shocks you right out of the enchanted forest.

There's Janae and the rest of my crew!
This is a common scene.  It was, no doubt, followed by, "C'mon, Bethelle.  Don't pick any flowers.  Curie needs a diaper change.  Let's get back."  But look at those surroundings.  I pinch myself when I think that I live here!  Does it get any more beautiful?
When Janae found this pinecone, I thought it was a cute little anomaly.  Apparently I had not been looking at the ground for the previous hour, as it was carpeted in them.
This one should be matted and framed, don't you think?  No, even better, it should be made into a mural.  Don't laugh at me!  I'm measuring my walls right now.


Jeff + Janae said...

What a great day that was. Can't wait until "next year!" And tell those adorable kids of yours that is miss them like crazy!!

Our Ohana said...

WOW, that is soooo gorgeous. I knew I was born somewhere beautiful! If only I'd just go back there already and enjoy it! Janae is so talented, I poured over those photos for way too long. I'm seriously upset at whichever moron decided to build a highway over that amazing waterfall - seriously! Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea! I mean, are there waterfalls like that every half mile and they just couldn't avoid them?