Monday, October 3, 2011

Nick's Birthday

This post is way, way overdue.  You can tell that I'm writing it in a hurry by the lack of any creativity whatsoever in the title.

For Nick's birthday, he wanted me to walk nine holes with him.  Nick is a golfer, which makes me a golfer's wife, and somehow we have been married for eight years and this was my first time ever to walk that many holes with him.  As this gift required some babysitting, it seems to me that it really became a gift from my mom, who drove out to our house with crafts and food, ready for some kid-time.

Look at this little ditty of Nick's dad.  This is my new favorite picture of him.  He is one of my most avid blog followers, and I'm sure checked the blog several times a day after this outing.  I wonder if he ever gave up.
My birthday man, in his element.
Or maybe this is his element?

Being only two golfers, we were paired up with a couple, Dr. and Mrs. Kim.  Their first names were so funny to us and quite easy to remember.  She introduced herself as E.J. (my first and middle initial) and he is P.N. (both Nick and his father's first and middle initials... Nick is really his middle name).  I'm sure these two go by something a little more foreign sounding back home in Korea.

The next day was the actual birthday, so we headed down to Nick's parents' for dinner.  I was a little beyond wanting to entertain after Curie's big party, so I was glad that Patsy offered.

Trish made her famous potatoes, and you can tell that they were enjoyed.  We also had pork roast and broccoli salad.  Everything was soooo good.
 This picture was supposed to be of her face, but this lady can turn quickly!  Turns out, this side of her head is almost as pretty as the other side, I think.

Bethelle made these cupcakes all by herself!  Well, OK, Rigby helped with the sprinkles.  She was so proud of them.


JM Inc. said...

Happy belated birthday Nick! It must be nice to enjoy the privileges of grandparents near enough to watch the kids anytime you REALLY want or need it...! So what was your handicap?(:

Our Ohana said...

Love the golf balls on the cupcake rack!