Friday, October 14, 2011

What You Probably Already Know

My posts have been few and out-dated lately.

That's because we're pregnant!  Which means that I'm sick and lazy.

Rushton Number Four will arrive in May.  We are very excited and I am pleased to report that although I feel pretty terrible most of the time, I am not half as sick as I have been with past pregnancies.  When pregnant with Bethelle, I lost eleven pounds in the first trimester.  I would cry just thinking about needing to eat food.  With Curie, I remember laying in bed, hoping that the other two would play happily in the playroom for a long time.  My worst moments in my misery were when they would tell me that they were hungry.  My heart would drop.  I had to feed them, but how was I going to manage to do it?

This time, I want to lay around all day, but I can do more than that, and I haven't been upset about anything.  For the first time, Nick has been able to save up some days off of work to help me during my sickness.  I keep waiting for that familiar misery to hit before I ask him to use them, but it just hasn't happened yet and I'm already ten weeks.

I'm not one of those who says, "I've never felt better/prettier/happier than when I was pregnant," but I'm pulling through, and I'll take it!


H+B Jackson said...

HOORAY!!! I am so excited Daphne will have a cousin close to her age!!! I am sorry about the yuckyness feeling - mine lasted 20 weeks with Daphne and then it was a magical day and I felt better - Charlotte was only 12 weeks. Here is to hoping its 12 for you!

Jess said...

Congratulations, Elke!!

Our Ohana said...

I'm glad it's not been as bad as you expected so far! 10 weeks already! Did the maternity clothes ever get there? Keep us updated, and congratulations again!!!

Rushton's said...

CONGRATS! That is neat. Hope you are doing okay. Congrats again.