Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach Babies

I haven't taken Pierce out very many places yet, due to my fear of whooping cough, which is abnormally popular this season, but I did take him here:
It all started with a visit to Gig Harbor to see my aunt, two cousins, and their two children as they were passing through the area.  I grew up living next door to them. These cousins were practically my siblings then, so I don't like to miss a chance to see them.
They were off on their way by noon, and the weather was beautiful, so I took the kids to my old beach, Kopachuck State Park.
Pierce slept in my arms for most of our visit, and Bethelle kept the others kids entertained. She just wrapped up a section on marine life in first grade, so she was excited to share her knowledge with her captive, adoring audience.

Curie loves to have her picture taken.  This jump was her idea.

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Rita said...

Wow! Kaylie and Bethelle sure look a lot alike! Thanks, for sharing the picture! Love, Grandma Rita J.