Thursday, June 14, 2012

Since He Came

I thought that I would naturally fall back into blogging all the little things that happen around here.  That hasn't happened yet.  I guess I have to retrain myself.

Here's a "documentary" persective on the previously blogged photo shoot.  We let the kids in on the action.  There were times when three cameras were clicking at once.  Nick looked at all the budding photographers running around and said that I had created monsters.  I said that I didn't mind.
 Here's a part of the shoot that didn't go so well.  Not a happy pic in the set.  Maybe I'll try this again when he thinks ties are cool.  When will that be?
 Nick read somewhere that men should have bare-chested bonding time holding their babies.  Pierce was already bare-chested due to the photo shoot, so Nick took advantage of the opportunity.  Seeing the other "men" in the family without shirts, Rigby jumped on that bandwagon.  He will do anything that he sees Nick do.
 I guess these two needed some man-bonding time as well.
 Rigby has been interesting to watch around Pierce.  He sure loves that baby.  He is the first to run to him when he cries and is very uncomfortable until a solution is found.  He seems to feel a vested interest in him, like a third parent.  I am trying to tune his efforts into being more productive.

One more shot from the formal shoot.  Here's Bethelle, pretending to be a posed baby.  That's one pretty face, if you ask me.
On Pierce's due date, I attended a quick photography class at church.  It was very informative, but left me feeling that there is no substitute for playing with the camera.  Here are some pics I took of Bethelle when I thought she was dressed fun.  I really tried to get the lighting right, and I think I did well!  Thanks for the tips, Danielle!

Changing the subject... Curie.  I love this little spit-fire.  She is my most passionate child.  She is either skipping giddily, plotting how to best infuriated me (just for fun), or head-dropped shoulder-drooped sulking.  There is not much emotional middle-ground for her.

This passion has led to the common case of sibling envy.  The craziness really spiked in the beginning and has calmed a bit, but I don't want it to plateau where we are.  She has really turned up the heat on her already strong emotions.
 But then again, it's pretty hard to be upset with that face.
 And as yet impossible to be upset with this one.

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