Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pierce's First Photo Shoot

I know why we can't remember being babies.  It's because we slept through our first year.  What's there to remember?

Pierce will never remember this photo shoot.  He didn't even know it was happening at the time.  But here are the pictures for him to look at someday.  Attempting this formal of a shoot was a first for me.  I am trying to make my camera pay for itself.  Not to mention that I could not handle the stress of taking all the kids to the mall to have pictures taken.

Truth be told, Pierce is cradled in Nick's arm here.  Nick was shrouded in blue.

 Thank you, Pinterest, for this lovely idea.

 I love the elbow dimple and the wrinkles down the ribs in the photo below.
 Just a sweet face.

 Nick's idea, of course...

 A patriot already.  Actually, I kinda wanted to name him Patriot at one point.  But not enough, I suppose.  Can you see the smile I caught in this first one?  He's so pretty!  (Sorry, Pierce.  I'll never say that again.  Probably.)


H+B Jackson said...

What a sweet sweet baby! Well done! I so regret not doing more posed shots when Daphne was still sleeping through anything. I am glad you shot these!

Meagan Kemp said...

What a beautiful (sorry Pierce - it's just true) model you have to work with. Way to go mama! That camera will pay for itself in no time :) I also think it's a great idea to have hubbs hold his newest star athlete. I would have never known if you didn't make note of it.

Shannon Miller said...

So precious!!! I love the Tonka Truck idea!!! He's adorable! Congratulations on having 4 kids! Guess I need to catch up!!

Our Ohana said...

Um, you will most definitely be calling him pretty again, because he is! Well, if you don't, I will, embarrassing or not. Great job with the camera!

JM Inc. said...

I'm sure you've heard this a gazillion times already, but that darling boy is a Rushton all the way...and I thought Jackson genes were dominant?! He is perfect(: