Saturday, July 14, 2012

Father's Day

I would like to start this post with, "Happy Father's Day to the greatest father a kid could know!" but it's not Father's Day any longer.  However, the rest of that sentence remains true.

For the occasion, the three big kids and I made German pancakes and a breakfast fruit salad (for the record, the only difference between a breakfast fruit salad and a regular fruit salad is the time of day that it is consumed).  He opened hand-crafted cards and presents from us all.
Bethelle made this plate for him at school.
And this little Nick-ditty contained a picture holder that she made.
Rigby had the honors of telling him that he and Bethelle had been working on something for him for weeks.  They had spent hours and hours weeding a section on the side of the house and trying to keep him away from their pile when he was home.  Their idea and effort were really touching.

That evening, we went to my parents' for dinner.  It was the first large family gathering we have had in their new home.  It was a gorgeous day to eat on the deck, which overlooks a beautiful wetland greenbelt.  Among other things, I gave my dad a Costco-sized box of York peppermint patties.  Last year, I had given him a grocery store sized bag of them.  How will I up the York-ante next year?

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