Saturday, July 14, 2012

Piercy's Blessing Day

Yes, we've been calling him Piercy.  Almost exclusively.  Either that or Piercy-Piercy-Piercy-Pierce.  Sometimes Pierce-olas (short for Pierce Nicholas).  I don't imagine that any of those names will stick past puberty.  Better call him them while I still can.

Pierce was blessed in church two weeks ago.  For those of you not of the LDS faith, this is our equivalent of a christening.  Being summer, much of the extended family that would normally attend this occasion were out of town, so we had a nice, quiet day with just the grandparents.  Nick's grandpa along with an aunt and uncle attended the service and blessing, but were not able to stay for dinner afterwards.

Scheduling a blessing is always a little risky.  You never can be sure that the baby won't cry through the whole thing.  We tried to have him well fed and rested at the moment of, and he did very well.

I can't say as much for his behavior at picture time.  Well, he's in them.  That's what counts.
 Usually, the father of the baby pronounces the blessing.  Nick did a beautiful job.  All in all, it was a perfect moment to be a mother.
Dinner afterward was so nice.  A small crowd, if such a thing exists.  At some point in the planning, I realized that this dinner would be just a few days before the Fourth of July, so I pulled out a Pinterest board and made a star-spangled watermelon salad.
Dinner was really good, and I don't mind saying so.  My mom asked what time dinner would be tomorrow.  I told her it would be any time if she planned on staying until then.  I had a mountain of laundry that we could fold in the morning.

Before I knew it, my mother-in-law had the whole group folding loads and loads worth of the sweet-smelling stuff.  I was a little disheartened as a hostess, but overwhelmingly grateful as a mother of four. In fact, I am ready to host the same kind of dinner party right now if you get my meaning.

For dessert, there were red, white, and blue rice crispy treats.
And Fourthy-Festive, personal size Trifles.
I let the kids construct their own, which they thoroughly enjoyed.
 Rigby is pointing to the features of the face on his.  In keeping with the theme, let's say that it is Paul Revere's face.  Or James Madison's.
 Bethelle quickly topped hers with a face after seeing Rigby's.
And Curie's face (and hair) pulled this little number all by itself.  Good thing I had a camera handy.  Love those crazy curls.
Thanks to the grandparents for making this day extra special for all of us.


Rita said...

What no pictures of the laundry? That was so fun and easy to do while we visited. What a fun day to be together as family. Pierce, you are such a wonderful blessing to our family. Love Grandma and Grandpa J.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations, your kids are so cute. I absolutely love your treats. I'll be stealing it sometime:)

Our Ohana said...

I know this post was about how special the blessing was and all, but I can't stop thinking about those desserts you made and now I'm drooling and what was I going to say? I have no idea but I'm still drooling....