Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Day of School(s)

Again.  Late.  I know.

But I am catching up.  Someday we will be live again.

 Bethelle's school wrapped up the year with a family carnival.  It was not technically on the last day of school, but who's keeping track?  I again stayed home with Pierce, but when Nick and Grandma Patsy brought my original three back home to me, they were wild with prizes and painted cheeks.  I'm sure this will be an annual event for us.

On the actual last day of school, I waited as usual for the bus at the usual time.  But there was nothing usual about the bus.  As it neared, there were bubbles lifting away from it, and we could hear the emanating screams from a good distance.  Apparently, the kids have to keep relatively quiet all year, so they get to let it all loose on the last day of school.  Man, can they scream!

Here is the crew from our street on the last day.  Looking good, ladies!
 Rigby's Joy School also wrapped up with a final event: a picnic, concert, and graduation ceremony at a park.  Pierce was not formally "out" yet, so this was a chance for some of my friends to see him for the first time.

Curie seemed to think that she was one of the students, but that was cute and no one minded the way she joined in.
Does anyone else have trouble getting their kids to eat when there are friends and fun to be had?  We loaded up plates of hotdogs and veggies, only to throw them away after being abandoned by the kids and embraced by flies.  Of course, everyone was hungry in the car as we left the picnic!

The kids sang a couple songs for us.  This clip is a couple minutes long, but I suggest listening to the first song.  It is very simple and sweet, but I get choked up thinking of the message of the song.  It's so true!
Here is Rigby receiving his diploma from one of the moms.  This preschool program is a co-op that rotates through our homes.  Each mom teaches for a week, then passes it all to the next mom.  It has been great for Rigby, as he seems to be my least adventurous at this age.  He is able to get out a little, but also to stay home some and know that I am a part of what he is doing.  Big thanks to Janea, below, for organizing us all and keeping us on track.  That was her lovely voice and guitar in the earlier video as well.

 Next year, Rigby will just miss the cut-off for kindergarten, so we have decided to do Joy School again with many of the same kids.  Curie will be old enough to officially join!  She is thrilled.

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